PyFR Symposium 2020 (19th June 2020)

The PyFR Symposium 2020 comprised talks from industry and the PyFR team on a range of topics related to the theory of high-order Flux Reconstruction schemes, their implementation in PyFR, and their application to industrially relevant flow problems. The overarching objective of the symposium was to help bridge the gap between industrial requirements and academic research activities.

Latest Release

PyFR 1.10.0:

  • Added support for writing specific regions of the domain to disk.
  • Fixed statistics collection for dual time stepping integrators.

Join our Team

Postdoctoral Position - GPU Accelerated High-Order Computational Fluid Dynamics
Summary: A fully funded Postdoctoral position is currently available. The project, will involve development of PyFR, an open-source high-order massively-parallel cross-platform CFD solver, as well as its application to solve a range of challenging unsteady flow problems. Candidates should hold, or expect to obtain, a PhD in a numerate discipline from a world-leading university.